Len's first Einstein performance, September, 1989I appreciated very much the energy and passion which you brought to your presentation, "Einstein and Niels Bohr... A Fairy Tale." It was contagious. I was fascinated by your perspective and the specific tales.

Eric A. Kihn - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administation

I want to express my gratitude for the great experience you provided our students as they learned how to perform your Einstein/Bohr Fairy Tale. You stretched them to reach outside their comfort zone and they rose to the expectations you placed before them.

Richard Weeks - Catalyst High School

It was a pleasure to have you return to our campus with your performances of "Einstein and Niels Bohr... A Fairy Tale" and "Time is a Lovely Friend." A gifted storyteller, you have a wonderful ability to reach out to your listeners and draw them in to the experience.

Professor Charissa Menefee - Prescott College

Len Barron's piece, "Einstein and Niels Bohr... A Fairy Tale" was captivating as well as informative for our 500 students. Even in this digital age when technology commonly assaults the senses, the students were mesmerized by Len's simple, calm and charming thoughts on fairness, beauty, and playfulness.

Barbara Miller - Manhattan Middle School

I am so thankful to you for agreeing to serve as our Educator/Artist in Residence for the month of September. The reports of your visit continue to trickle down all over campus.

Professor Becky Lukas - Maryville College

The highlight of your visit was "Walking Lightly... A Portrait of Einstein." Within a few short minutes of your performance, the room filled with a palpable delight as the audience succumbed to the charm and intelligence with which you brought us into the world of Einstein.

Professor Sandra Lubarsky - Northern Arizona University

Your guest residency with the College of Arts and Science and the Kendall Society of Teaching Fellows was an absolute delight. The material contained in your presentations was both inspiring and thought provoking.

Professor Lisa Wilson - University of Tulsa

Thank you for being our featured speaker at the Outstanding Educator Awards and for presenting your theatre piece, "On the Pleasures of Growing Older" at the social after the awards ceremony. Your audiences were extremely complimentary.

Brigadier General Ruben Cubero - United States Air Force Academy

Thank you for your presentation to our central office leaders within the Denver Public Schools. I want to let you know that we loved your ideas and your mannerisms.

Rosanne Fulton - Denver Public Schools

The response of Mr. Barron's audience was extraordinary. All ages were entranced by his style and wit and educated by his information.

Michael Alexander - Boston Science Museum

Thank you for giving such an inspired program. You have the ability to engage an audience in a very personal way making us feel like we are being offered a window into the person and humanity of Einstein.

Chris Wallace Hodteler - Science Works, Ashland, OR

Your ability to engage various audiences ranging from students to teachers to plasma scientists truly enhanced the quality of our meeting. Your theatre piece, "Walking Lightly" and your discussion on Einstein and his thoughts on education were provocative and inspiring.

Melissa Douglas - APS Division of Plasma Physics

Len's first Einstein performance, September, 1989Thank you for your performances of "Walking Lightly" and "On the Pleasures of Growing Older." The weekend was a huge success. Your ability to communicate to an audience through story, song and dance is amazing.

Stephanie Fierman - Temple Emanu-El, Birmingham, AL

Your "Portrait of Einstein" at the opening of the Leadership and Technology Conference was consided the highlight of the conference.

Nancy Botten - IBM, Research Triangle Park, N.C.

The success of our Authors' Recognition Event was largely due to your provocative performance. One of the authors, Denny Bulger, wrote, "I thought Len's piece on Albert Einstein was terrific. It was one of the most interesting and moving presentations in my 19 years at IBM."

Kathy Kelliher - IBM, Masannas, VA

I'd like to offer you our most sincere thanks for your performance of "Walking Lightly... A Portrait of Einstein" for our annual Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Bringing the genius of Einstein alive for our group was a truly unique and memorable gift.

Jacoline Beann - Northrop Grumman, Aurora, CO

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